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Wind direction
E to SE

TO Height a.m.s.l.

1250ft (418m)

How to get there
From M4 junction 43, take the A465 northeast towards Merthyr.  Turn off left for Cilfrew at the 2nd exit and take the next right turn which will take you up through a residential area and into a narrow lane which continues uphill for a further 1km until you reach a left turning that leads to Bryncaws farm.  Drive into the farmyard  and go left  around the barn then  through the gate between the buildings to the right.
The track leads all the way up to the hilltop passing through several gates on the way.
Park on the hilltop near takeoff.

Landowner and site fee
The Stevens family own the farm and the  site fee is £2.00 per person whether you fly or not and is payable at the farm either on your way up or on your way out.

Access is permitted through Bryncaws Farm only.
Drive carefully and please keep to the track wherever possible.
Leave gates as you find them.

Potential Hazards
After wet weather, the track can be quite slippery and at times impassable towards the top.  However, if your vehicle is not suitable you may park at the bottom of the hill beside the track.  Beware of farm animals in the fields alongside the track or on the farm yard.  Young lambs have an inclination to run towards passing vehicles and dive under the wheels.

Take-off and landing
Take-off and top-land anywhere along the top.
Bottom land in the large fenced-off fields below the hill(see map).
Take care not to disturb livestock.

Approximately 2km ridge with plenty of room to take off and land.  Conditions in an easterly breeze can be quite rough. The north end of the ridge is tree covered but works well.  The proximity of the site to the coast means that in light conditions  during spring and summertime, seabreezes can move in sometimes as early as midday and curtail flying (although if you are in the air at the time, it can be the start of a crosscountry flight).  The site has excellent XC potential with 101km flown to the  Mid-Wales coastline.

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