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Stu Flew 2014

Fan G 20-01-14. Light

No Wind and Low claggy cloud with the threat of rain at  T.o height AM, but cleared well about 12:30 for some enjoyable winter flying ;D

Joined by Idris , Leon and later Viv.

Due to the Cold I enjoyed 4 short flights of about 15mins each.Brrrrrrrrrrr!! Top Landing easy even though the wind was on the light side at times.. Max height 250ft ato but you could push well out.

The air was smooth  and on my last flight at 3:30pm with only 200ft ato I managed a lifty glide all the way down to the fan G bottom gate with 100ft to spare ;D Passing over the main road lay-by/landing field I was still 2000ft asl so carried on Smile    Packed up to meet Viv and the boys at the gate, then off to the Ancient Briton for a pint of Blorenge Ale ;D

Thanks for a lift out Idris and a lift home Viv.....1 Hr

Nice to catch up with people.. VIVA 2014!!

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

19/02/14 Ronda La Vieja

Weather is starting to improve out here in Spain, after a few wet/windy weeks(not as wet and windy as yoursWink

Been busy out here with airport runs, driving and helping with Cp/Ep's. This week the Pilot Plus group( Low airtime CP's) have had a much better week flying most days at various sites.

A good day was had Wednesday on the soaring site of Ronda,with thermic conditions I managed to stay up for 2 hours pushing out upwind  to play about at cloudbase which was a good 2000ft ato.

The Cp+ group doing really well and gaining a lot of experience over the week..

Nice to get the Wing out in the Sun 8)

  20/02/14 El Bosque
Dropped a short soaring flight at this Nice tree lined Westerly hill. Cloudbase was low 600ft above hill, but it was nice to grab a quick flight in with the Vultures Smile Rain was threatening so a nice glide down,box around the field and a spot landing on the inner target Smile

It's all flying!

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

Great stuff, Stu!  Don't bother coming home just yet!  Keep writing!

Nice one mate

26/02/14 Puerto Serrano.. Paramotor

Had a nice sunset flight from a big field nr Puerto Serrano. The field is going to be used as an EP level tow field and for Paramotoring. Borrowed an ozone Element2 and a Parajet Zenith(nice machine) for a quick upwind adventure.

After some heavy rain over last few weeks the rolling hills of Andalucia are very green at moment with crops of wheat showing through, it seems nearly every field is being used.

Followed a river for a while and the scenery was great looking around at the scattered White villages "Peublos Blancos

The weather is Improving so hoping for some thermalling and hopefully some XC expeirience in my spare time.

Added a picture I took at Sunset.                                                                           

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

Great Stu.  Nice to hear of someone getting it up.  :wink:

Mae fy hofrenfad yn llawn llyswennod

04/03/14 El Bosque    Mentor3

A full day with the guided group. Cloudbase was only 1500ft ato but it was easy to stay up and play about. Some of the group got in nearly 5hrs. It was a bit cold with thin gloves so landed in bottom landing field after 2hrs10 flying for a trip to the local Bar "Los Nogales" for Tapas and Coffee.

It was back up to take off around 5pm for another 50min flight to watch the sun going down behind the lake Smile

There is the possibility of flying down in front of ridges and around the corner to Algodonales which is only 20km or so away, but with light fading and lowish cloudbase we were all happy to boat around above El Bosque and get some airtime.

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

05/03/14    El Bosque  Mentor3

Got a chance to test the air before the group launched. The wind was way off launch to the North but on pushing out using into wind facing slopes I pushed up and out for a nice 25mins boat about over the town.

After landing the Sun came out and I watched the group doing well, some pushing well out some 6k from the hill and most getting back to TO.

06/03/14 Algo Lijar West    Mentor3

Everyone flew the SE in the morning but I had the job of taking the Van down the 50 min windy track to the landing. It was blue skies and balmy hot.Take off was packed with visiting pilots from Europe.

On arriving at the Landing field most had bombed out and the day wasn't working. In the afternoon I got a chance of a flight on the West launch. With the Sun on the slope it was sending some gnarly thermals up and the wind at height was from an ENE direction.

As I gained height in a thermal above launch it smoothed out at 1900ft ato and was quite enjoyable. 8) The views opening up looking at the lake behind and the green hillocks to the West as far as the eye can see..beautiful..

As I lost height I head off on the 3k glide to the Bull ring landing field.With a stongish headwind using bar most the way getting there with 100ft to spare. Could see gliders below landing out short in various locations. Talk on the ground was the air was rough as?

Pepe was in the landing field with his mobile bar Smile Smile  Result.

We all wathced a tandem coming in downwind(What) and people shouting didn't help in changing his course. They glided straight out the downwind end of the landing field and ended up fast and truly Tree'd up for a long time!! Both were ok.

7/03/14  Lijar SE    Mentor3

It was windy for most of the day but at 5:30pm we could see enough gliders launching for a trip up the mountain. A nice smooth scratchy sunset flight was had, tucking in close with a handful of gliders boating around at TO height.

Busy in the landing field,with Pepe's mobile bar it was beers at Sundown 8) 20mins

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

12/03/14 Lijar SE  Mentor3

Sunshine again but strong winds for most the day.Wave clouds over the high mountain range(Grazelema)

Very busy on  launch parawaiting but the wind dropped around 5pm for some flying.Pushing out and around the corner soaring the East face(wind off on launch) got a bit boring with 40+ pilots scratching the small rocky faces,pilots needed some airtime after a few days of strong winds :Smile

Not classic Algo but flying till dark with beers on landingWink Very busy in town. Reckon there is about 200 pilots in Algo at the moment!


"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

Blimey you don't half go on......  :wink:

Mae fy hofrenfad yn llawn llyswennod

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