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Stu Flew 2014

06/11/14  Ronda la Vieja    Little Cloud 20m

Another nice little flight this time on the little cloud mini-wing. Some playing around on the ridge. Perfect for the LC as conditions were a tad strong and our gliders had landed. But I managed to push out and join some birds and take a thermal out front getting a good 1000ft ato. The wing turns quick in a 360.  I got  a km out from TO and quick tailed it back to the ridge only just making it back low and luckily scratching  back up :?  for a top landing. Ronda's a great site.  30mins

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

24/11/14  Ronda La Vieja    Delta 2

Been flyable over the last few weeks but been busy working. Lots of various TTB's to keep an eye on landings and plenty of driving :x  Very overcast today with the threat of rain. Our small group took advantage  of the smooth ridge lift at Ronda even though the grey base was only 200ft above launch.

I had a demo on Rob's Large Delta 2 and Gin Genie Lite and have to say they were beautiful Big Grin  maybe genie lite will be my next purchase. The Delta was great in light/ lifty conditions and I managed to easily glide to the bar at Los Villalones a few km out front. It's nice to try out different wings out here and yesterday I  had a ttb off the SE take off on a brand new Ozone Roadster 2 PPG wing. Interesting Smile

30 mins
Catch you all in the Xmas do :police:

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

25/11/14  Vejer de la frontera  Rush4

Low cloud and rain in town so a journey to just inland from the coast of Conil. It was good for a short while but after 20mins of smooth soaring I spotted a squal and rain at sea encroaching and booted it down to land. Followed down by everyone else just in time to pack up before the rain Big Grin

A treat was in store on the way back we found a Micro-brewery near the coast at Los Barrios and stopped off to try various ales and Curry/Rice and Chips :laugh: :like  Ain't had these for a long time.

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

02/12/14  Montellano    Rush 4

A cold clear night with a blue sky in the morning tempted me to head out. My week off I managed to grab a lift to Monte with Geraldo from Ganterfly.

Arrived at 11:30 with lots of pilots arriving and soaring out front in light ridge lift and weak thermals. The day was meant to get windy,so I wasted no time in taking off for a fly.

It was a game of dodge the pilots for a while until I got a good climb and decided to head away with two pilots on hot wings. They head back to the hill. I climbed over the town and headed off away from the main roads into vast open brown farmland with into wind hills. It worked well for a few light patient climbs taking me well out the way from retrieve. Sad

But Villamartin 10km or so spurred me on and I got another climb which took me off to the lake near Bornos. I ran out of height near the main Road luckily right next to a Petrol Staition/Bar. Glad to pick a big open field as the wind was licking through.

Nice flight for December 22.5km Straight, and I love flying Montellano with possibilities of getting to the coast legally someday. ( I could see the sea glistening some 60km away today). Great visibility and  on a busy hill I was the only pilot to get away  :laugh:    The wind did pick up later. 2hrs of beautiful blue sky fly 8)  Max height only 3300asl but some easy open terrain to fly over!

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

13/12/14  Rhossili  Ozone Octane flx

A great afternoon out with quite a good turnout on the pimpleSmile I didn't get there till 1pm as the wind was picking up and most had landed. Conditions right on top end but great for my new ""Rhossili" wing a 22m Octane.

Enjoyed the sunshine and skies flying with Gerry, Leon, Quin/Kate(tandem) and Richard, plus Angus and Nicola flying little wings. Lots parawaiting below on the pimple but it only got stronger.

Leon was in his element on his Mentor 3 pushing  some distance out to sea.  I followed him to hill end, me sticking to the ridge with a lot of North in the wind. But Leon pushed out nearly to the end just short of Bury Holms getting very low but still managed to use the raised beach to get back to rhossili endSmile Nice flying.

Soon I was joining Leon on the beach to pack away.

A great afternoon and nice to catch you all in the worms head. A quick dash home to make the swwsc Xmas dinner Wink

1 hr 30

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

15/12/14    Rhossili    Rush 4

Arrived at 11 am and sat in the car park for sometime watching the showers;( It cleared for a while and there was a light breeze so decided to drive to the church car park and walk up. To my suprise Leon's wing was up. (he had been sheltering in the gorse Bushes) and had been flying earlier in the morn as well.

It was a bit light for the Octane so I took it back down and got the Rush. Nick,Viv and Nasher were heading up. Light on the pimple but with the Rush out and ready to go I scratched round low gorse kicking to get to hill end before a shower hit the hill.

I played around down this end where it was dry until the shower cleared to join the guys taking off on the main ridge for a fly.  40 mins  Light winds but a good 900ft+ above the beach at times Wink

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

Happy New year all :laugh:  Not a bad 2014. I clocked up 57 hrs 25. Hope it's going to be a great 2015. Im off to South  Africa on Friday then back to Spain in 3 weeks. Sorry I missed some of you. Have a great 2015 and fly,fly fly.

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

Enjoy SA Stu and say hello to Jan for me. Wilderness is Great :Smile

Yes, Stu - good luck in S.A. & back in Spain!
I also flew with Jan Minar in Wilderness as well - 2007.  "Map of Africa" is amazing!
I hope a gang of us from SWWSC can come out and join you in 2015!

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