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CDs flies
Heol Senni,  26.3.14

First flight for 6 months, a bit nervous, not helped by having a knot in my lines, thanks Nasher and Steve W for help on launch. got a nice thermal almost straight after launching and Phil C and I took it up to nearly 5 grand. Went on a glide then towards where Steve P was up high. Thankfully got a climb and eventually we the hit sea breeze convergence just before Maesteg. Basically surfed the land side of this all the way to Cardiff. Best use of sea breeze convergence I've ever managed (basically point NE and surf Ely)  Had a problem just before Cardiff when, after a long period of gentle lift I hit an area of very strong lift and struggled to stay below the 3,000 feet airspace limit (a first for me). Big ears and speed bar had me still going up so I had to spiral which always makes me nauseous, was glad to get on the deck in the end. I've flagged up the possible airspace problem to the Xc league so my flight may or may not stay on the league :-[ [size=78%]. The track log can be seen in the club league. It was very cold up there [/size] :?  Thanks Nasher for driving my car down and meeting me at Neath railway station.
What a flight! And landing in Cardiff! Tongue Great stuff!

RASP wasn't very optimistic then! I'm gagging to get out and fly again now. Well done Chris.

Well done ChrisSmile Landing near Llandaff I see,where I spent some time!! Nice flight.
"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"
Brilliant! A great flight in March.  Very disappointed I couldn't make it out now... :-(
Mae fy hofrenfad yn llawn llyswennod
yes not as disappointed as me Phil! a great fly for me but no XC this time.
I may as well try to catch the wind - Donovan
Awesome flight, Chris - congratulations!
It seems funny things can happen early in the year like this, as one of Nick's previous epic flights to the Severn Bridge was in the month of March!
Lucky b"?!$%d  Smile    B line stalls always work for me, less disorientating.
Well done, Chris. See you soon, hopefully on a hill or at cloud base.
Lucky b"?!$%d 

So says the tv star who's obviously on some long motor bike road trip around Spain spending his repeat fees :o

Made  a point of reading my gliders manual when I got home (might have been an idea to have read it before flying !!). Big ears and speed bar said to be 3-6 m/s descent rate. Given the squealing noise my vario was making and the amount of big ears I had on I'd guess the lift was in excess of 5 m/s. Manual says up to 8 m/s for B lining and a lot more for spirals. I guess the mistake I made was not to react to my increasing height quickly enough and given the high ascent rate I should have not bothered with big ears etc and gone straight for either spiral or B lining. Anyway a very enjoyable flight. There was lots of cloud at different levels and when flying in front of the convergence you could see wisps of cloud shooting up the front of the convergence at quite a speed. When in the 'troublesome' strong lift similar wisps were around me. Strange the Sea breeze convergence was so strong that day. The SB itself can't have been that strong given the land to sea temp diff can't have been much.

Look forward to seeing Steve on a hill soon.
18 april HS

Great turnout of folk on the hill on what was a lovely day. The wind going off to the East and lighter was in the forecast as was a tendency to go blue, think it did all of these.

Great to climb out with 3 other members, Steve J, Steve W and Rhun. Nick was just ahead of us and seemed to be maintaining over the reservoir. We seemed to work well together and were flying patiently in the rapidly blue-ing sky. Unfortunately Nick showed us it was sinky just before Fan Hir by landing (yes he does do it sometimes). I went on a hopeful glide to Fan Hir and managed to connect with the ridge and soar my way up it to the northern end where I got a nice climb to over 4,000 feet. I had a lifty line after that which was just south of the high ground. There were no clouds nearby but approx 4k to the south were some nice looking ones. Eventually I managed to connect with them and flew over Ammanford. A nice low save was forthcoming by the  new solar farm and I crossed the M4 near Pont Abraham. I then made the only mistake of the flight by heading for Llanelli (I really fancied landing on the front and having an ice cream). The clouds were heading Wly and I was going Swly so the inevitable occured and I flew into the sea breeze. In a minute ground speed went from 45 km/h to 12 km/h. Think I landed fairly close to where Gron lives. Great hitch down to the railway station, waited 5 mins for a train that took me to Swansea, cab to Rhun's car and meet up with the boys at Pontardawe. Nick walked up Fan Hir to take-off and likely connected with the same convergence I did. I will not steal his thunder by saying where he landed but I think I may just be edging it for the all important Easter egg  ;D  Thanks to Steve J for driving my car down the valley.
21 May Talybont, yes Talybont !!

8 years since I've been to this site. Walked up closest ridge and then to middle of the main bowl. A couple of short very scratchy flights with slope landings and sweaty walk ups (90 feet and 180 feet respectively). Ah that's why I've not been here for 8 years. There was quite a bit of shade from clouds which were probably formed from thermals triggering off the  ends of the bowl. Not sure the middle of the bowl is the best place to get up from to be honest and it was quite rough . Eventually managed to get a thermal up to 6,000 feet. Original plan had been to try a triangle but the sky up-wind didn't look that good (blue) and I had a bit of drift. So instead headed towards Penyfan with a view to following the high ground west. Once I got just West of the Storey Arms I seemed to hit a slight head wind and struggled to find usable lift. In the past this has been a good area for climbs (convergence ) so I am not quite sure what was going on. Changed tack and headed back towards the Penyfan ridge and ended up landing near the Storey Arms ( a definite bit of 'road suck'). After I'd landed the sky seemed to improve to the SE so I think I should have stuck to the attempt at a triangle, think I should have headed south down from Pen-fan. I've up loaded the track log to the Xc league only cos I want to try and see where I went wrong :o  shame you can't upload it, have a look and then delete your flight. Mind you cracking views were worth the walkup

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