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Stu Flew 2015

02/10  Lijar West  Rush 4

Lots of pilots on launch, Germans, French etc,etc. Probably 70 pilots and more spectators hanging around. No birds or clouds showing the way. I decide to be wind dummy today.Nobody is in a rush to launch. It's Friday  and after a great flight yesterday and late retrieve I'm happy  for an early day back to townWink

I launch and luck is on my side. Few seconds out and I'm in a thermal and soon find myself 3500ft above Take off waving at the crowds and on my way towards the lake at Zahara 8)

My smugness soon drops away and after a lifty glide to the twin peaks I get drilled and end up at peaks height scratching the top waiting for some sun or birds to show but its too early.

Looking at my landing options for an easy retrieve being the main road at El Gastor I miss this following 2 Vultures low into dodgy terrain and end up in the only landable field below the steep rock face surrounded by the vast sloping olive groves.

It only gets worse as after packing away my field of cows reveals a massive bull :o :o :o  but after a brief stand-off he's not interested :o (breath) and I'm on my way to the high fenced off deserted smallholding,lol.. The 3 big aggressive farm dogs are faking it and as they run towards me snarling I run at them and they are scared Wink  Result.

The short distance to the main road road doesn't pan out either as my track meanders further away from my destination thru the large olive groves. I walk around 4km and the sun is now baking down and the day is getting good( for those in the air)  Pilots are on their way over from the mountain and now its

I watch and listen to the FlySpain group overfly me on route to Ronda and I egg them on.

Quite an epic little walk out considering I wanted an easy Friday afternoon. I meet the bus on the way to Ronda to pick up our guys and it's beer o clock and the end of my week off Wink    45mins

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

11/10  Matalascañas  Rush 4
11/10    Matalascanas  Rush 4

Rain inland and on the long drive to the coast but amazingly after 30 mins in the van it clears and we are out flying in a strong SW'erly in shorts and t-shirts soaring the dunes. Lots of spanish pilots from Seville out and its hard work keeping an eagle eye on some of our low-airtime pilots spread out some km down the ridge.

Everybody enjoys the flying and we all land on the beach as the wind gets a bit strong later.  1hr 20


"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

26/11 Montellano/ Ronda la Vieja.

Abused my blogs for over a month due to being busy and lack of internet. So here is some of it.

It's gone a lot colder over this last week but the weather has been real kind to us over the last few weeks with high pressure and sunshine  8)  Lots of flying done at Lijar, Ronda, Montellano and Canete.

Some training weeks saw me trying out some En A wings on my way down to the landing field. The Bolero 5 is a nice glider and I was really impressed with the lightweight Skywalk Masala, flown with a Verso and light reserve it weighed in at 7kg Smile  quite sporty flown top-end and would be great for hike and fly and the green grass launches of Wales Smile

Not much in the way of XC of late but last week I did have a couple of flights off Lijar with smooth light thermals where I was able to push out upwind 7km or so towards El Gastor and back to the landing field. Sweet for November.

N Easterlies this week so a lot of searching out thermals at Montellano and  some nice afternoons soaring at Ronda over the last couple of days.Even some thermalling on a little cloud 18m when it got a tad strong yesterday.

Over 13hrs since my last post, I'll try and keep upWink

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

04/12 Lijar SE  Rush 4

No more work for this year and a couple more weeks to enjoy the sunshine. Although its been sunshine here, the high pressure has kept any height gains down and I've avoided flying over the last week. Decided to head up for a go yesterday and it was ok.

What stared out as some scratching below the hill turned into a 2hr flight in light thermals away from the hill, never getting mech above 3200ft and pushing out 3km or so from the hill. Making it back to the landing field was great as the landing bar had just turned up 8)

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

Not a bad year at all. Clocking up 100 hrs Big Grin  A lot of that flying in thermic air. Still flyable here in Algodonales although the sun has lost its power. I have a hire car so have been getting around a bit. Spent a couple of days down in Gibralter last week.

Shown around by a paragliding friend who's lived there nearly 60 years. Interesting place with a lot of history. And nice to get a pint of ale and Roast dinner Wink

Merry Xmas all.  Hopefully catch some of you over the next few weeks

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

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