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Stu Flew 2016

19/01/16  Wilderness  Rush 4

Been is SA a few days now. Spent some time sight see-ing in Capetown and had a night out in Long street which was great. Been at Wilderness for 3 full days but the winds have been very light and we have been getting sea mists, a few TTb's and a nice strong wind dune soaring  flight at Buffalo Bay was a great chance to try out my new pod harness. After some tweeking I have got it right and it's sweet to fly.

Weather not looking great for next few days so roll on Porterville next Sunday. Fingers crossed :o [size=78%] [/size]

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

A good excuse to visit Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift. Fly up to Durban and hire a car. Plenty of B&B's at Dundee (the closest town). Pretty humid there at this time of year; 90% Sad . Anniversary of the Rorke's Drift defence is coming up soon (next few days); so your more likely to bump into a military type from Brecon there, lol.

Nice one Steve, but we have a group until 30th Jan. They had a nice thermic hour at Sedgefield yesterday and some soaring between bouts of mist. Off to Porterville Sunday and it's looking good there. I may do the tourist thing after 30th Jan when I have a free week, 8)

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

27/01/16  Porterville  Rush 4

While at Wilderness we heard from pilots ahead of us at Porterville that massive fires on the hill had stopped the flying at Dasklipp due to planes and helicopters managing the problem. When we arrived last sunday afternoon it was not fires that kept us from the air but rain and over development.

By wed it was back to normal, 35 degrees and we launched at Dasklip launch. 3 of us managed to fly to the pikeniers pass and found that it was working well in the flats. With a plan of flying a triangle to piketberg and then back to launch. This proved hard against a SW headwind and with the boys on the ground a few km on I spoke on radio to the retrieve bus to tell of there position and my plan to fly back to the lodge.

It was a good effort but I landed about 10km short of town a nice 3hrs 40mins in the air. The new pod harness is great and comfy but still needs a bit of tweaking.

53km round the track and an enjoyable flight. Retrieve duties for Thu and it's looking good Sad

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

29/01/15    Porterville / Pampoenfontein.  Rush 4

Very light cycles coming in and cross on launch. We probably left it a bit late and by 12 it was coming thru strong and cross from South at times.  A few got to bumpy for 18km. I pushed out expecting to land but got a really low save in the fields out-front where a Mantra pilot was packing up.  Thought it be rude to waste it taking it back into towards the ridge then on towards the pass.

The air was really quite rough today on the ridge and out over the flats. Getting to the pass I could have carried on ridge side with thermals but decided to push out and land nr the N7 as all the group had landed and it was a bit spicy by now.

Packing away in a stubble field only took 10 mins or so but with the 40 degree heat took a fair bit of energy away. Lucky I had my hat, water and suncream 8)  The van pulled up just as I was shouldering my bag Smile 34km and a 1hr 30 in the air.

We dropped our group at Capetown Sat and I had a day/night on Long street. The longest and most entertaining street I've been to. How many bars and nightclubs?? Lost count.

My plan at first was to do some sight-seeing around the coast but I have not really got my flying fix yet so I have hired a car and I'm back at Porterville today(Sun) Hoping for a good week!!

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

Top flights Stu!


Nice one Stu.  Shame about the bushfires - I saw them on Sky news last week.  There are always some good days at Porterville though : I saw that someone had flown 188km there recently!

3/01/16.  Dasklip. Rush 4

Yes Nick lots of fires before I came. It's been a mixed bag so far this week. Monday and Tuesday was hard work with no real height gains. A small group at the lodge and hard work scratching Down the ridges South but bombed nr Porterville twice. 1hr30

Today (wed) started with grey skies and looked like a tourist day but turned quickly into a good day and I flew fast North 45km down the ridges.I nearly bombed after the pass and pushing out over my chosen landing field got the lowest save I've ever had. Probably less than 60 ft agl?

Not getting enough height (4000ft) to jump over for clan William I pushed across into the flats and with the winds fairly light decided to try for a triangle to Piketberg and back to launch. (90km)

It started great with great clouds and climbs to 6000ft but got low and hit the strong SWwind around the 65km mark landing near the N7 just avoiding a dragging?  4hrs 20 in the air today landing at 4:30pm.

Been flying with a young talented young German pilot called Berndt this week who is hard to keep up with. Yesterday scratching the rigdes patiently south he flew to Wellington and back to teenage for a 161km out/ return. A great effort with no height gains. 75km with the turns.

My lap-top has packed in so I will post my flights in xc league when I get home to buy oneSad typing on my phone here is not good!!

Tomorrow is looking like a good day again?

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

4/01/16.  Pampoenfontein.  Rush4

Off launch first as soon as cycles coming thru and tried speeding it to bumpy. I was there first in 40 mins and joined by German hotshot Berndt. He got away in a good climb quick but I minced around for a while finally getting height to jump into Citrusdal valley. Berndt had left me behind and as I got a nasty rough low save nr the town I spotted him working the high Eastern mountains which had a great looking cloud street above.

I was on the ground just before the pass (constriction )for 48km straight. I wished Berndt luck on the radio as he is on a mission to get the record here and has smashed in 6 flights over 100km over Jan/feb in various directions and conditions Local pilots told him couldn't be done. For a 27 year old a great pilot, always planning a flight.

I was lucky to jump straight in the back of a pick up truck to Citrusdal and the Country manor hotel where a small handful of German pilots were drinking. Lift back to Porterville?

It's 9:30pm at the lodge now and I've just finished my steak meal? Berndt still isn't back and has done 163km straight on the same route as the record flight over the big mountain pass into the flats towards Calvinia.Brave flying and he mentioned this plan in the morning at breakfast.

Another cracking day at Porterville. Love it even if the air is a bit rough at timesWink. 2hrs 20 today.

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

5/1/16 Pampoenfontein. Rush4

Last fly day in SA and not bad at all. Blue sky and no clouds but a good climb up to 7000ft plus after dasklip helped me fly fast down to bumpy where I thermalled over into Citrusdal. Met up with Berndt who was desperately scratching a hill before town. He joined me in the climb and we helped each other in lazy climbs to constriction.

I had Clan William in sight but after a lifty glide I got drilled and chose the only available field among the foothills. Listening to some local pilots on the ground the wind was really light which was good. 65km from launch so a great last day. 2hrs 30 in the air.

Brad picked me up pretty quickly and we drove up to Clan William to pick up Berndt. My first time at Clan. I will fly there next year? Learnt a lot here this year and got some real good low saves which in the past I would have given up for the ground.

"If you were born without wings,do nothing to prevent them from growingWink"

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